Event RaicesCon 2024 Conference starts on Sep 27, 2024, 12:00:00 PM (America/New_York)
A Phoenix Tale: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Cybersecurity Career
50 Minute Solo Talk
Location: Track 3 Room - 9/27/24, 4:00 PM - 9/27/24, 4:50 PM (America/New_York) (50 minutes)
A Phoenix Tale: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Cybersecurity Career
Christopher Mendoza
Cybersecurity Professional | Community Connector
Christopher Mendoza
Cybersecurity Professional | Community Connector

With over two decades of Information Technology experience, my role as a Product Security Technology Leader focuses on building and managing digital certificate and cryptographic security.

As a former municipal CISO and Security Architect, I am dedicated to advancing cybersecurity design and solutions across cloud and on-prem platforms.

I actively promote and engage with professional cyber communities across Arizona, focused on developing technology leadership skills for Arizona’s Hispanic, Black, and Latino youth.

This presentation is for individuals interested in learning ways to build and develop your individual branding, how to network, tips for communicating effectively, managing mental health, and the advantages of giving back to your community. 

- Overview of Latinos and Hispanics in cybersecurity.
- Introduce how the Latino/Hispanic culture aligns with building and supporting the cybersecurity community.

- Brief intro to being a Hispanic kid growing up in Los Angeles under a single parent roof.
- Initial intro to technology, War Games, Sci Fi.
- College, marriage, and becoming a parent impacting my career and identity as a Latino.

Career Path:
- Finding the right employer and manager.
- Embracing my Latino background, becoming a community partner, finding leadership.
- Private sector to Government back to Private sector.

- How Cybersecurity groups and certifications can develop your brand.
- Finding and becoming a mentor, sponsor, and coach.
- Why Latinos need to get involved in their community (representation, segregation, human rights, political advocacy, culture, art, civic responsibility).

Mental Health
- why acknowledging and dealing with mental health is important.
- How mental health is handled differently for men and women.
- the impact mental health has on your career, family, and community.

Call to Action
- What’s next in your career.
- Where to connect and get support.

The audience will learn how I developed my technology skills, overcame the fear of public speaking, and received support and development from my manager. They will hear about my career moves, lessons learned from mistakes, the personal tragedy that changed my career and view of leadership in cybersecurity, and how I have managed and overcome mental health issues. Finally, I will share how I am actively involved in various communities, helping high school and college students, as well as professionals, achieve their personal goals.


Reimagining the Future: Empowering Latino Cybersecurity Professionals

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