Event RaicesCon 2024 Conference starts on Sep 27, 2024, 12:00:00 PM (America/New_York)
Herencia Hispana: A Latinos Guide to Building Wealth
25 Minute Solo Talk
Location: Track 2 Room - 9/28/24, 4:25 PM - 9/28/24, 4:50 PM (America/New_York) (25 minutes)
Herencia Hispana: A Latinos Guide to Building Wealth
Harold Londoño
CEO at RootsToRiches
Harold Londoño
CEO at RootsToRiches

Harold Londoño brings a wealth of experience in empowering Latinos.

Since the beginning of 2023 he's helped dozens of families build legacy wealth and tax-sheltered cashflow for investing, building businesses, and celebrating life's milestones.

Being the child of Colombian immigrants, he knows the effects of working hard to send money back home but having nothing built for the family here. Showing families how to build legacy so every generation has a head start in life has been his passion since then.

With appearances on Univision, collaborations with local government officials, experience working for Fortune 100 companies, and recognition as a Rising Leader in his industry, Harold is a trusted authority in building legacy wealth.

Since January 2024, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 506,000 personal financial advisors in the US, with only 8.6% being Hispanic, underscoring a gap in culturally competent financial guidance for Latinos. This is critical given our unique relationship with money, particularly as the youngest ethnic group in the US, facing the dual responsibility of caring for both parents and children. Without adequate support, some may resort to moving back to their home countries for perceived financial benefits. Additionally, many non-US citizens are unaware of financial programs and tax disparities, such as the stark contrast in estate tax exemptions between citizens($13M exemption) and non-citizens($60k exemption). Bridging these gaps through education is vital for securing financial well-being, family connections, and legacy preservation.

This talk will introduce a simple 4-level approach to wealth-building:

-Income Maximization: Protecting and increasing our primary asset.
-Asset Accumulation/Acceleration: Financial strategies aligned with individual goals.
-Asset Organization: Essential estate planning pointers.
-Wealth Transfer: Key strategies for legacy preservation across generations with a unique emphasis on the value of heritage.

What will the audience get out of this amazing talk? 1.A practical framework to audit and build wealth 2. Confidence in being able to offer financial guidance to their families 

Any Additional Information you would like of CFP committee to know about your Talk? I believe the financial education of Latinos will have a global impact.

Bilingual Latinos in the US are the bridge between North and South America. Helping Latinos build wealth offers us the opportunity to take that wealth and experience to reinvest it in our home countries.

Imagine a world where the Latino comes to the US by choice rather than necessity. A world where rich opportunities exist in Latin America that allow us to collaborate with other nations.

Bringing the unique sazon we have to make a difference WITH the world.

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